Fernando R. had a motorcycle accident near Havana.  He has also had dental treatment in Cuba.  He had the following to say about his medical care in Cuba:

Yes, I’ve used the hospitals and medical services in Havana. The Cira Garcia and the clinic that used to be in Tarara. I had a motorcycle accident and broke my kneecap in the 1990s. They took me to Cira Garcia hospital by ambulance. The doctors couldn’t operate because of the swelling and they put my leg in a whole cast for two weeks. All the staff at the hospitals were fantastic. I received good treatment, especially at the Cira Garcia. It’s a clean hospital so I had no problems there. Then I went home and since then, I’ve had three operations as knees go because they’re hard to fix.

I also had dental treatment at a private clinic for pins for my dentures. Back home this would have cost about $3,000. I paid only 300 CUCs, so price was definitely a motivating factor for seeking a dentist in Cuba. Overall, I was very pleased with the medical services of Cuba.