A program dedicated to the medical attention of senior Canadian tourists in Cuba was commenced today with the signing of an agreement between the company Comercializadora of Cuban Medical Services and the company Cogir of Canada.

In the capital Meliá Cohiba hotel, the parties, represented by Yamila de Armas, first vice president of the Cuban Medical Services Marketer (CSMC) and Bruno Desautels, secretary of Cogir, agreed to start the program starting next November to improve the quality of life of those who choose to visit Cuba.

Named ‘for a happy age’, it is designed for groups of self-employed adults between the ages of 75 and 85 who come to the Caribbean island for a long stay (two to three months) during the winter season in Canada. They must have good physical and mental conditions.

The integral medical tourism product will promote healthy lifestyles, which will include, if necessary, nursing services, as well as transportation to and from the airport, upon arrival and departure from Cuba.

For the accommodation a building of the Marina Varadero hotel will be used, which will guarantee the security to the elderly, as well as general care aimed at the prevention of chronic diseases.

Cuba has much to contribute through a robust health system, with indicators that allow others to benefit from our therapeutic possibilities, medical care and quality of life, Armas said.

In that sense, it is successful to join in a single project with the first issuer of tourists to the largest of the Antilles, which is Canada, he added.

According to Desautels, the North American country has a significant percentage of aging, so this agreement will allow finding alternatives for older Canadians to enjoy healthy tourism in Cuba.

The CSMC is a Cuban mercantile society that guarantees the attention of health professionals with a high ethical-humanistic sense. To take, for its part, is a leading tour operator, investor and developer of nursing homes in Canada.

Originally published on Prensa Latina