What is Melagenina Plus?

Melagenina Plus Lotion was created by the Centro de Histoterapia Plancentaria in Havana, Cuba. The Melagenina Plus Kit is a full kit available for sufferers of Vitiligo Treatment and includes a Dermotrophic Cream, a Bioactive Dermal Cream and a Sun Protection Gel.

Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao, a specialist in Gynecology and Pharmacology from the School of Medicine at the University of Havana discovered the substance that stimulated activity of the pigmentation of the skin.

In 1985, patients came from Mexico, Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia were treated at the Cira Garcia Clinic in Havana by Dr. Miyares. These were the first international service to patients that led to the establishment of the system of health tourism through the company, CUBATUR.

As a result of the international success of this new Cuban method of treatment of Vitiligo with the medicine created from human placenta, the Center of Histotherapy was founded under the direction of Dr. Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao (1939-2015). The Center’s mission was to expand this crucial research in autoimmune diseases.

Melagenina Plus is a combination of Melagenina and Calcium Chloride and an extract of human placenta, a pharmacological product that increases the reproduction of melanocytes in the borders or inside the acronic areas of the affected persons. It also accelerates the process of production of melanin, making it an successful mode of therapy for Vitiligo.

MELAGENINA PLUS is safe for use by both children and adults, including the elderly and \women during pregnancy or menstruation. It has no harmful local or systemic side effects.

Between 1988 to 1991, patients with Vitiligo from over 90 countries, as well as patients in Cuba requested care with the new drug. Centers have been established in many other countries for the treatment of these patients. This began the exportation of the Melagenina medicine.

The medical staff at these new centers of care around the globe were trained at the Placental Histotherapy Center to ensure that the treatment would achieve the same success as in Cuba.

These new treatment centers can be found in the Canary Islands (Spain), Republic of San Marino, Madrid, Spain; Brazil; Bogota, Colombia; Mexico City, Mexico; Lima, Peru; Nicaragua; Salvador; Entre Rios, Argentina; Kiev, Ukraine; Moscow and Petrograd in Russia; Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan; Riga, Latvia; Nigeria, and Africa.

The research by Dr. Miyares Cao and his team continued at Placental Histotherapy Center and the results have produced not only Melagenina but also other useful drugs for other diseases such as alopecia and psoriasis as well as a cosmetics line which effectively slows the cellular aging process.

The full Melagenin Plus Kit from the Histotherapy Center in Havana can now be purchased for $199. on Amazon: Loción para el Tratamiento del Vitiligo Melagenina Plus (Lotion for Vitiligo Treatment), Full Kit​

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