The decline of Musculoskeletal Health is one of the most common causes of disability making it difficult for sufferers, to enjoy a fruitful and useful
life in their personal life or work life.

The same is true of those who use their physical bodies practice sports professionally, or dance.

Orthopedic surgery in Cuba – is without the wait times experienced in countries such as Canada.  These Orthopedic programs include blood testing, derivatives or blood substitutes and medication.

According to the intervention it may require surgery prosthesis or osteosynthesis.  Devices, surgical and non-surgical treatment programs are available for patients.  Hospitalization, medical fees, pre-operative screening, surgery, use of operating rooms, anesthesia and recovery is included in these orthopedic programs.

Hip replacement, knee replacement surgeries at affordable prices and because of this orthopedics is one of the most sought after programs in Cuba.

Rehabilitation/physiotherapy programs are available from the La Pradera Health Center.  Orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation can be found at the Frank Pais Orthopedic Hospital in Havana.