SMC Salud Cuba

Commonly known by its abbreviated name, SMC Salud, Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A., is the Cuban entity which manages health services in Cuba.

Founded in 1987, SMC Salud was formerly known by the name of Servimed. In 2011, Servimed merged with Servicios Medicos Cubanos (SMC) and the name was changed to Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos or, SMC Salud Cuba. Its head office is located in western Havana.

SMC Salud offers, among other things, medical tourism to Cuba and has contracts with approximately 150 international companies agencies in 30 countries. These services are also available at more than 150 travel agencies within the country. SMC shares strategic alliances with the Ministries of Tourism, Higher Education, Public Health, BioCubaFarma, and the Sports Institute.

There are seven divisions of responsibility under the umbrella of SMC Salud and these are:

SMC Salud offers and manages academic programs ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate levels of education. To date, 35,613 foreign students have received free education from Cuba. Their undergraduate programs include specialized medicine, dentistry, nursing and health technology. The undergraduate program also offers internships, teaching practice as well as Spanish language courses necessary to complete the training.

SMC’s postgraduate program offers courses, specialized conferences, seminars and professional development workshops. Foreign medical students can also pursue Masters and Doctorate degrees and residency opportunities through SMC’s educational program.

SMC Salud organizes a wide variety of medical services from institutions which specialize in health tourism. These services can be found in hospitals and clinics throughout the Island. Medical programs are tailored to the clinical and surgical requirements of each patient.

For international patients, 24/7 emergency medical services, consultation appointments in all specialties, a wide variety of medical checkups, state of the art technology for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, physical and rehabilitation medicine, dental treatments, emergency evacuations and medical accompaniment are available.

SMC Salud manages the international health services program which provide other nations with Cuban doctors and health professionals. Cuba’s medical personnel have served in more than 160 nations over the last 55 years. These services are provided either free of charge in times of disaster or are purchased by the host countries. Cuba’s health professionals work in areas where there are a shortage of healthcare professionals, in remote locations and in areas of where natural disasters have taken place.

Cuba is widely-known as one of the most medically-advanced countries in the world in terms of medical research, infant mortality rates and universal access to care. Health care is a guaranteed right in Cuba. Cuba’s medical practitioners are the some of the most well-trained in the industry.

SMC Salud is committed to their mission to offer medical and cosmetic procedures to foreign patients looking for safe and alternative care abroad. SMC Health acts as the liaison between patients’ needs and medical practitioners and hospitals.

The success of Cuban medicine can be attributed to the many professionals working in the industry. SMC has a roster of doctors, nurses, technicians, engineers, technologists, and other professionals from multiple disciplines who all contribute to deliver holistic medical services to patients, partners and clients of SMC Salud.

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