Probably one of the most recognizable hospitals in Havana is the towering Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital located in Central Havana. Founded in 1982, the Ameijeiras Hospital has become a leading provider in specialized medical care at the same level as other leading medical centers around the world.

A combination of medical excellence, state of the art medical technologies and high quality patient care takes place at the Hospital. Hospital Director Dr. Juan Carlos Rodríguez Vázquez, Head of International Medical-Care Services, believes patient care is a merger of medical experience, cutting-edge technology and a professionalism combined and delivered with the quality of humanism.

The medical staff at the Ameijeiras Hospital come from over 40 medical specialties including microsurgery, organs and tissue transplantation, interventional endoscopy, extracorporeal lithotripsy, advanced techniques in histological and cytological diagnosis, minimally invasive surgery, hyperbaric oxygenation, spinal fusion for the treatment of scoliosis, and imaging.

The Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital also provides medical services for international patients.

The Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital is also a center of advanced research and academic training training for both Cubans and foreign professionals in the medical field. Medical symposiums and conferences have been held at the hospital.