Retinitis Pigmentosa treatment can be obtained in Cuba.  The country is well known for its successful treatment of this condition of the eye.   Opthamology treatment, glaucoma, laser and other surgeries for diseases of the eye.

Retinitis Pigmentosa affects the light sensitive tissues that are located at the back of the eye.  It is a rare genetic disorder that entails a breakdown and loss of retina cells.  The symptoms of retinitis pigmentosa include difficulty in night vision and a loss of peripheral (side) vision.

Cuba is a leader of research and in the treatment of diseases of the eye.  The highly prestigious “Ramon Pando Ferrer,” Cuban Institute of Ophthalmology, located in Havana has treated more than 60,000 patients from over 40 countries.  Many of these patients are treated on an outpatient basis except for those patients needing corneal transplants and young children of less than one year of age.

The Ramon Pando Ferrer hospital was founded in 1956.